Below is an array of work over the years. Please reach out if you have something specific you would like to discuss.

Publisher. Art Director. Editor. Ad Sales. 

Audrey has held almost every role within magazine publishing, and she finds this work to be her most fulfilling. Art Direction, Layouts and Graphic Design are her desired goals for her long-term career choice. 

Logos. Marketing Material. Auto wrap.

Audrey has taken many companies from idea to reality and enjoys seeing concept become a dream fulfilled for a client.

Website Design & Creation. Social Media.

Audrey writes HTML & CSS, Joomla!, and advertises on social media platforms.

Advertisements. Marketing. Photo Editing.

With drag-and-drop functionality and virtually limitless possibilities, Gantry 5's Layout Manager makes setup a breeze.

Design. Layout. Print.

Koleti features Slideshow, Slider, and Calendar particles.

Miscellaneous Projects.

Customize colors for links, text, and backgrounds along with your desired font.