This is just a sampling of my work over the last 25 years. There is really too much to showcase. Please reach out if I can provide you with specific examples. Thanks for taking a look!

Publisher. Art Director. Editor. Graphics. 

I have held almost every role within magazine publishing. Art Direction, Layouts and Graphic Design are probably my most desired goals for the long-term. 

Logos. Marketing Material. Auto wrap.

I'm always very excited about designing a brand identity that holds true to the client's values and seeing the project from concept and idea to reality.

Website Design & Creation. Social Media.

The majority of my websites are built in Joomla!, HTML & CSS. I assist as needed in WordPress and other formats. Social Media training & assistance as needed as well.

Advertising. Marketing. Photo Editing.

Graphics have included every possible scenario from ad creation and marketing to photo editing and restoration.

Design. Layout. Print.

Koleti features Slideshow, Slider, and Calendar particles.